Pest Information

Here is some extra general information for your reading.


Ants are present almost all year round and they are a common nuisance. To exterminate ants, Affordable Pest Services will find the main nest and destroy it. Without destroying the nest, there is every possibility that the ants will regroup and return.

Cockroaches are also not easy to control. They can go into hiding and live for a long time without food or water. Roaches are difficult to get rid of once they infest your home. A thorough inspection is the first step to any pest control service. After that specifically designed baits placed in the rite areas can solve even the toughest of infestations without having to empty out cabinets and with no lingering odors.



The Eastern Subterranean termite is the most common and most widely distributed termite in North America. It is a problem for homeowners from southern Ontario in Canada, south throughout the Eastern United States and as far west as Montana.

This pest feeds materials as structural wood, wood fixtures, paper, books, and cotton. Occasionally, it will even attack the roots of shrubs and trees.

While Eastern Sub termite colonies are not the largest termite colonies you can find, there will often be more than one of them working in a single building. Signs of Easterns include dirt-colored tubes built to serve as protected paths from the earth to the wood the termites are feeding on, and the translucent wings shed by the kings and queens during swarming. Swarming usually occurs in the spring, but other, smaller swarms can occur throughout the summer and fall.



The bed bug is a small brown colored, flattened bug that feeds off of animal blood. The adult bed bugs are about 5 mm long and they are sometimes confused with ticks or cockroaches. At their immature stages, they are called nymphs, and different to the adults, nymphs are smaller and have a brighter brown. Although they can’t fly, bed bugs move very quickly on the floor, walls, ceiling or other surfaces. Female bed bugs lay eggs aside hidden areas, depositing up to 10 to 12 eggs a day and through out life. Eggs are very small, whitish and hard to see, imagine they are about 1mm long. After hatching, the nymphs are not much bigger than a pinhead. Nymphs can survive for months without feeding and adults for more than a year. That’s why it’s unlikely to the infestation to decrease if the house is empty or the mattress goes unused for a long period of time.


Due to the fact that bed bugs are small and really flat, they can hide at any place they fit, even small cracks and they easily move from one place to another. They can get into your house on clothing, bed sheets, furniture and even suitcases but the most common places for them to hide are the mattress seams, carpets, furniture and floor cracks. That’s why you should always have precaution when being on buses, trains, shelters, hotels and even if you just rented a place and you are moving in.

Symptoms may vary according to the person. Many people have localized swelling or itchy red welts, which sometimes appear days after the bed bugs bites. Bed bugs will bite any exposed skin while sleeping, which may be the face, neck, arms, hands, shoulders, etc. Acquiring furnishings or maybe traveling before having this kind of itch may increase the chances of getting bed bugs, this is due to the fact that a bed bug might get caught up on your clothes in a hotel or was hatching on that furniture you just bought. Now, you might be concerning if bed bug bites transmit diseases and although they could carry some diseases it’s unlikely they can be transmitted when they bite humans. However you can excessively scratching the bites may lead to infections. Also your doctor may recommend a topical cream or an antihistamine cream to relieve from any burning or itching sensation

Crawlspace and Mold


Crawlspaces should have a continuous sealed groundcover of vapor diffusion resistant materials, such as taped polyethylene or, preferably, a thin poured concrete slab over polyethylene with perimeter and control joints sealed. When the crawlspace ground level is below the ground level of the surrounding grade they should have perimeter drainage just like a basement. There must be good drainage away from crawlspaces

If not properly maintained and cared for, your crawlspace can harbor some pretty nasty mold. Mold can casue many health issues for you and your family.

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